A Day So Bright

It wasn’t a “day as usual”. It was a “day like no other”: fresh and new, evolving and inclusive, as every blessed day could be, given permission to flex and flow in the presence of souls open to connecting and taking away something familiar, yet fresh. Today was a day of being reminded everyone has stories, while being awakened to sources of creative energy, tapped into by common curiosities and a shared knowing.

I was reminded of sons, living thousands of miles away, whose latest collection of original songs went to press and social media as “So Bright for So Long”. Today was evidence enough for me to understand we are “star seeds” waking from slumber, regaining a sense of belonging in a vaster Universe, each with unique gifts to offer each other and the world. There was a new harmony bubbling to the surface, paying no attention to fear or apprehensions about its validity or worth. It was Authentic to a tee.

Day So Bright

A day when darkness had to flee

Beauty and kindness for all to see

Learning again to make work, play

Joyful to answer spontaneous ways

Receive in return a smile or nod

Hear others hum or singing along

To oldies but goodies, forever in time

Bringing back memories of yours and mine.

A day so light, all walked away

One step closer to a common array.

A day so bright, perhaps it will shine

Into tomorrows, just waiting to find.

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