Soul Sister Memorial

      Pam and her twin sister, Drue, were both gymnasts on our High School team.  There was something different about them in a good way.  Competition wasn’t their primary focus.  Being friendly and showing others kindness was what drew and ingratiated me to them. They were authentic, approachable, thoughtful, and positive in their life outlook. 

            During the time we all lived in Maryland, there were long cycling rides along Dulaney Valley Rd. and around Loch Raven Reservoir, concerts at Lovely Lane Church in Baltimore where Pam and Dwight married, and I had the privilege of dancing in their celebration of union to Amy Grant’s “Doubly Good to You” —a song chosen by Pam.

A couple of times, Pam invited me to introduce “Dance Worship” to women at retreats, hosted by the church she helped pastor.  We shared a deep understanding of the scripture: “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28)

Over four decades of friendship, Pam was a soul-sister and blessing from a Creator we couldn’t deny.  No matter how many miles or life experiences seperated us, there was a recognition of something core to who we were and wanted to become in this life that sealed our friendship like a signet ring’s impression. Pam chose a more traditional Segway into ministry, while I’d chosen the life of being a full-time Mom, serving in supportive roles.  Pam composed sermons based on life and challenges of conscience within the context of Christianity.  I wrote about whatever inspired and moved me, along a path of trial and error.  We’d exchange writings, and comment on each other’s thought processes, after careful considerations.  (Of course, Dwight was in the editorial mix too, by the time they’d moved to Oklahoma!)  Both were trusted commentators and loving critics!

I’d like to share a few pictures from the archives of an impromptu Sept. 2015 adventure at a pivotal time in both of our lives.  I’d been “making it up one day at a time”, after some major life setbacks prompted the first of several cross-country drives; and in the aftermath of Pam’s life-mission suddenly being called into question by external voices, our paths crossing that fall was no mistake. 

I remember Dwight whispering to me: “Take our SUV and GO somewhere on a hike with her for a few days, please!”  I still can’t get Pam’s comment and question at that juncture out of my mind: “You’re so free-spirited!  How do you do it? It’s been a while since I’ve been this spontaneous!” It was a healing journey for us both.

         I’d travel through Norman again, after Pam’s diagnosis. She was matter-of-fact about her prospects, masterfully blending the art of living with what some have no time or forethought to prepare.  Like many others who loved Pam, I followed her posts on Caring Bridges and yielded to her call toward more deliberate living.  Few people have influenced my life in unseen ways like Pam.  Her life was her testament.

Karen Weber



Whatever balcony you’re watching from….an open door has called me north for a season.   I can hear your voice saying: “Go! Enjoy! Be a Light!”  I know, you know our life’s missions aren’t always understood or appreciated by others.  Thanks for staying in the cheering section, as others are also celebrating your enduring legacy!

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