The Whimsical Wayfarer

First, I want to give credit to a daughter-in-law whose “rough draft” for a logo I requested to promote a new venture is featured above.  Lindsay is among the creative-minded young adults whose talents are gaining a long overdue audience.  Doodling from her pen and brush create the magical spark from which story-lines flow.  Soft-featured creatures and landscapes invite the viewer to step into landscapes of a kind and nurturing  environment where all creatures embody a place and purpose on a planet we share.  As a sketch artist, seen on her Facebook page “A Touch of Whimsy/Artist” by Lindsay Jo Wentz, her black on white drawings demonstrate an even greater attention to detail.

I hope she’ll forgive me if the following “interpretation” of the portal drawing shown here is something other than what she had in mind.  From my perspective it’s a timely illustration of  redirecting focus away from a darkness trying to lure us back into sullen caves of isolation.

What I see:

We all need places to emerge from deep woods and hide-aways that became familiar when the threat of harm forced us inward to “social distance”. Those cloistered places, became places deemed “safe” where benevolent creatures became our companions and helped assure us we weren’t alone.  We learned what it felt like to be dependent, again, drawing on something deep within us, and on each other, in new ways.

Now, as we come upon openings to horizons illuminated by a light we’d almost forgotten, new pathways are appearing, offering ways out of stagnation and a depressive darkness.  At these portals a choice is being offered:  Stay in the familiar that once felt ‘safe’; or risk venturing out into the light, as unseen guides accompany us forward. Beyond what we might have been taught and learned in the past, old formulas and solutions are being exposed for their exclusivity and obsolescence. As ways out and beyond and back into community are sought, innovators and visionaries are responding.

‘The Whimsical Wayfarer’  was envisioned months ago, as a way to move beyond isolation and stagnation, when a virus shut down business-as-usual and social interactions taken for granted.  It is being launched as a cottage-industry offering hand-crafted, re-usable masks, travel-totes, and “functional-art” for coming and going with a little less care. The quality products are made to last, encouraging adventurers to step out beyond previous comfort zones, and contribute to a world in the midst of transformation. 

As we redefine how best to live, move, and have our beings within cooperative communities, let’s remember the playful spontaneity and inquisitive nature attributed to children. Turn rules into tools for colorful affirmations of becoming what we were meant to be.  

                                —–The Whimsical Wayfarer —–     8/17/2020



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