The Truth about Love

When someone says “I love you”, what does that mean if, on the heels of it, they go off with another intimate companion and  maintain contact with former lovers, paranoid they will be found out and have to bear the consequence of secrecy?

When someone says , “I forgive you”, and thinks a peaceful cease-fire has finally been negotiated, but then their actions launch a dart aimed to hit squarely at the heart of a  freshly healed wound… can there be hope, renewal, or restoration with that person?

Finally, an understanding of complete release into the hands of God…..for whatever “Karma” follows…….becomes the kind of surrender to stubborn, complex and unchanging spirits that grants ultimate Freedom….no longer bound by soul ties born of deception and half-truths.

“For freedom Christ has set us free….submit not again to the yoke of slavery…’ is the only promise I hope to know.

I would rather cast myself on the mercies and provisions of God than among men or women who are deceivers and destroyers of all that has had the potential to be good, true, and of good report.

You, who appear to some as a Shephard and guide…..I no longer know your voice as one recognizable to be trusted or followed. It has taken too long to know that walking away and apart is the only solution. I hoped beyond reason. I dreamed one too many dreams you have dashed.

The truth about Love is that it is not just words of endearment, a firm embrace, the gift of a head-covering, or even a kiss. Love is an act of kindness, promises kept and a singular focus that does no harm to the Beloved. What you have offered is not love.

Once again, I set you free. Once again I purpose to look forward only, and walk in a new direction. No one is worth the searing of conscience required to maintain duplicity and divisions of the heart.

The Truth about Love is: It will ultimately heal and restore the hope deceivers and their accomplices fool-heartedly destroy.

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