A Waking Dream

How beautiful (and handsome), how needed

Are the hands, feet, minds, and spirits

Of those who carry offerings

Of health, peace, and unity

Into a world full of division and strife.

We are a diverse group of individuals,

And yet members of a unique community

Who have chosen to carry seeds of restoration and aid

to others searching for elements of a more abundant life.

Wherever there is need, as a part of our own life’s journey,

We venture out among others restrained by physical bodies

that someday must release their spirits

after carrying them as far and as long as they are able.

We walk or stand alongside those

whose personal security has been shaken

                     When values have been compromised or loved ones taken.

We pack with us tools, knowledge, and intent

To become participants in the setting right of

Mis-alignments and imbalances causing discomfort and discord.

In a larger ocean, where all are descended

from One Blood, One Source

Pain is inherent in labor…..a right-of-passage

Before new life emerges.

We are attendants at the birth and rebirth

Of lives, dreams, and epiphanies of understanding

As we encourage and “catch” the comprehension needed

To become part of a shared global community.

I look out at the faces, colors, and textures

Appearing to me as a large pool with healing waters astir;

And I would encourage each of you

To keep those waters moving, go where the current takes you,

And attend to those crossing your path with reverence

and the affirmation of undivided attention.

Consider every day a point of new beginnings

Ripe with opportunities to offer a listening ear, a touch of good will,

Or simply small gestures of kindness,

And so become a part of our own healing

As others’ welfare is given equal consideration.

Relax, breath, flow

Into your own element

Establishing essential roots

Of a greater whole

Karen Weber  1/17/2017

“Healing Hands” illustration used by permission of Texas-based artist, Erika Pochybova, for  “TLC” Tree of Life Care @ 2017

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