A National Conundrum

Conundrum (definition)-a confusing and difficult problem or question.

In order to give “equal press” and a balance of viewpoints (what I was taught in journalism classes at the University of Maryland four decades ago), before choosing a personal opinion, I am mentioning today’s “Right to Life” March in Washington DC. It has been a tradition for 44 years, and participants are jubilent over the probability that legislators and Supreme Court Justices will soon be stacked in their favor to “save the unborn”. 

Please understand, I too believe in the value of all life, as a mother of four young adult children and a grandson, living as responsibly in connection to the environment and community, as a mother could hope. I’ve never had an abortion or chosen to take birth control pharmaceuticals, but when I had reached my self-determined “limit”, I responsibly took measures to ensure the four I had a part of bringing into the world would receive the attention and care they deserved.

I am also a lover of wildlife, domestic animals we call “pets”, and the environment we share with them. Frankly I am at a loss that many who are marching today have a singular focus to the exclusion of their unabashed leaders’ tandem agendas that will endanger and pollute the lands, waters, and air of the precious.lives they are endeavoring to “save”. (Please also know I was raised a Christian, but I see nothing Holy or Divine or Just about settling for victory in one area while turning a blind eye to related issues like the sustainability of life in connection to a planet we share.) I might also mention it was a recent revelation (as is true of dark family secrets one isn’t privy to until adulthood) that my Great Grandmother, who was trying to raise multiple children in a New Mexico dugout while her husband was away trying to make enough to feed them, once performed her own abortion with available tools (probably not sterile), because they were already struggling to subsist at a basic level. I do not hold this against her or my Great Grandfather. Desperate times require desperate measures. I would also like to mention my grandmother , who lived in that same dugout until other accommodations could be made “in town” when her father had found adequate work to support their family, became the woman whose motto for 102 years  was “God don’t make Junk”.  She taught Sunday school for over 40 years and took care of countless people at home, including me for a season, as well as her mother until her death. I have great respect for both of these women, whose  examples as pioneer women strongly influenced my life.

The great National Conundrum perplexing me now is how a “Right to Life” President , Vice-President, Congress, and legistlors seem to be placating those who voted them into office based on a singular issue, while setting a broader stage to desecrate the very environment sustaining our own quality of life, as well as those yet to be born.  Even more alarming and perplexing are supporting voters who don’t seem to care or understand the direct connection between life and our natural resources and environmental health. How is the “right to life” and the quality of our environment and protection of wildlife any different?

Maybe I need to hang my hat some where open and honest discussions, without threats of retaliation, can take place again. Maybe the Latin phrase “In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas” ( In wine there is truth, in water there is health) should be reconsidered. A nation’s health and sanity—in fact, the world’s wellbeing— is at stake.

March on, whatever your cause, but always remember “We must be the change we wish to see in the world”, and “Do small things with great love” (Mother Teresa), as we move forward. We are in this world together, stewards entrusted with the well-being of inter-dependent communities.

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