When People Say: “No, not on OUR watch!”

Yesterday and today have been tests of patience and trust for me that things will ever be set right again. Understanding this post may disingratiate me to some followers, I’m speaking what’s on my mind in a spirit of love about Truth, as I see it. Thank God we still live in America, though increasingly I feel it may cost those who stand by their beliefs their very life one day. During “such a time as this”, I am at a point where that’s what I am willing to give, if required.  I am neither independently wealthy or the recipient of government subsidies at this point in my life. I am starting from the ground up by choice—-from the grass roots level—reconciled to the fact that there are more important things in life than wealth or fame. There are matters of conscience. Matters of what my “gut” tells me, ever prayerful, though some have accused me of “departing from the faith”. 

Today I chose to give equal time to the Interfaith Presidential Prayer Service broadcast from the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and various peaceful protest marches not just in our nation, but around the world.  What I saw and heard confirmed an ill at ease feeling, as prayers from various faiths were respectfully and earnestly offered in the hearing of a man who now occupies the highest office of government in America. His body language spoke as he sat or stood with folded arms with a predominantly scowling countenance, as he seemed to be stoicly enduring an American tradition.

I then stayed tuned to watch thousands of people continuing a convergence of peaceful protestors at odds with his agendas in our nation’s capitol and other US cities, as well as world wide. I was in the midst of setting up to trim my Mom’s gangly front hedges and do some yard work, trying to ignore thoughts that I might have gotten in my car yesterday to drive north and join others in Washington DC today. As fate would have it, a neighbor leaving to attend a local march made me realize there was an opportunity closeby I didn’t want to miss. (The yard work got done later in the day.) A chance to participate in a peaceful gathering and exercise a civil right, became the priority.

What I found in Melbourne, Florida along the Eau Gallie Causeway, overlooking the Indialantic waterway, were people from diverse backgrounds respectfully and unashamedly standing for something other than the “take your medicine now and close your mouth” prescription of the recently sworn in administration. Thank you, but NO, I won’t shut up and just disappear. Self-respect as a woman, mother, grandmother, and American thankful for a diverse population counts for something. I will not be paranoid or fearful of others’ opinions of me for speaking up. 

From here to the conclusion of this post, I will let pictures speak, not just for me, but for others who feel the injustice of essentially being told they no longer matter.

Marching in solidarity with Women’s March on Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Portland, Denver, Annapolis and cities around the world, at Melbourne, Florida’s Eau Gallie Causeway.  

 Jan. 21, 2017. 

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