Simple Pleasures & Small Graces

Today was Independence Day, the 4th of another July.   Rain was in the forecast, but the earlier part of the day displayed sunshine with alot of humidity hanging in the air, ready to fall out of the sky at the slightest roll of a grey cloud hovering overhead. I had the day off from work,so I invited my two dogs to jump in the car for a short ride to town to get a few groceries and dog food.  Not far down a familiar road, I decided to turn in at a sign  often passed but never explored.  The small state park was home to the first colony surrounded by a fort in 1775, attributed to Daniel Boone.  Countless times I’d meant to see what was down the road past the park’s entrance, and this particular day seemed like an appropriate time to finally take the detour.

It was odd to find the park virtually empty. The parking lots had no cars, and an in-ground pool for patrons was operational but locked up.  The fort as well had a locked gate blocking its entrance, though I waved to a state policeman patrolling in his cruiser, who explained there were insufficient funds to pay employees time-and-a-half  holiday pay.  (Coincidentally, the reason my own employer had given me more time off than usual.)

Seeing a trail sign heading into a shaded pathway, I took the dogs on leash to the trail-head and shortly thereafter let them run ahead of me to sniff all the new smells and revel in the freshness of what they love best: Hiking.  Though the path was a little slippery from an earlier morning rain, and fresh cobwebs stuck to my face and hands as we pressed up the first incline and down to a stream crossing, it was a welcome change from road traffic and a constant need to “meet and greet the public”.  I began remembering days on other trails when the elixir of long-distance hiking with a companion was intoxicating, though sometimes trying.   I redirected my thoughts back to the present, thankful for the shorter “tourist trails”  that imitated the beautiful sections of  other wilderness trails I want to revisit.

Shortly after getting back in the car, the rains began, and I was thankful we’d taken the turn in to explore.  Another day, I promised my dogs, we’ll find longer trails and more adventures; and it will be a first priority, “time and a half” closings or not, because simple pleasures and small graces aren’t dependent on tour guides or employers.  An appropriate lesson for an Independence Day.






1 thought on “Simple Pleasures & Small Graces

  1. Jeannie weber

    Love it. Glad you and the kids had time to explore. Our day was so hot in the lark…we finally came home. Neighbors did fireworks so we didn’t have to venture out , except to sit on our cars.


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