Crying out for Understanding

Tonight I am crying.  I am not ashamed. I am humbled. I am desperate to know the why and for what reason of the “need to give up” something else I  have come to love.  This time it is a horse.  A horse too old for many to count of any consequence.  A horse “beyond her years of usefulness” and a “potential liability” to those who do not understand the kind of love “til death do us part”.

I confess:  I am in love with a horse….and two dogs….God’s creatures who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, even if they are “beyond their years of productivity”.

Whatever happened to the Presence of a life that is full of wisdom and knowing….beyond their “usefulness” to those in the “real world” who work and push to achieve and promote new ideas (when there is really nothing new under the sun) and agendas?  Whatever happened to loving for the sake of love?  for the sake of “there is still life in the mortal body”, so God’s spirit is present and at work?  Whatever happened to the concept that death is a part of life, and we are stewards of ushering those in this life into the next with an assurance of dignity, surrounded by the love that sustains and binds all living things?

Tonight I cry because a horse that’s been in my care these past 8 months may be finding a new home, a second chance at being someone’s “all in all”, as she once was when young and budding with the hopes of someone’s dreams for grandeur.  Does a failure to be recognized in the world’s scheme of things make any life less valuable than another?

She was from a royal lineage. She was descended from a King.  She was a beautiful filly.She was someone’s “brilliant star”.  Does she deserve less attention and care now that her light isn’t shining so brightly before men?  Does she need to be “put down” or “put away” because her luster or potential  to produce  winners has faded?

I love her because she gave me a reason to live….to get up in the morning to feed her and brush her and give her the attention and care someone else’s addiction and subsequent neglect had robbed from her….. her “show quality” breeding and training snuffed out by drugs and subsequent neglect.

Are we to ignore the gift and graces of restoration?  WHO DO YOU TRUST with the future of ones so loved,  brought back into the fullness of life by mercies we ourselves have experienced and tried to “pay forward” by helping those in need?

Royal Pause, I love you.   I want what’s best for you.  I have taken you as far as I can.  I have only loved you back to health.  Others can help you find your new purpose and joy in being the center of another’s attention.  You are a beautiful “mover”, and your carriage shows forth your royal lineage.  In beauty may you walk……and run.

I am trusting the good spirits of the universe to guide and direct you for the rest of your life. You will be someone else’s “Royal” one.  I am thankful to have been a part of your journey through life.  Forever you will be in my thoughts and prayers…..wishing it could have been me to embrace you to the end.










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