Shutters to Spring



Windows among clouds open to unburden

grey bundles too heavy to hold.

Sunlight teasingly pries apart slivered edges of gloom,

as irrepressible surges of wanting to live,

like a diver coming up for air gasping with gratitude

as deep watery surfaces are breeched,

spring up from invigorated landscapes.


Stirrings of “wanting to get on with it” can be heard in the trill of birds.

Shoulders of hills suddenly shake off barren, brown overcoats

Revealing resplendent emerald green carpets

Calling children to play, dogs and horses to roll,

Love to rebound, and cattle to rest in its lushness

as if to soak up emergent forces silently resonating beneath them.


It’s a time when a pebble placed in your hand is a reminder

of a tradition at the beginning of a long-distance hike,

And being asked to carry it as a reminder of where we have come from

and where we might yet go.

Thoughts of casting cares to the wind and embarking on the unfinished journey,

Wrestles with a sense of duty and responsible choice-making.

It is only a piece of the ground, not yet totally diminished to trail-dust,

and yet, a larger version required angels to roll its bulk and weight away

from a chamber encasing darkness

Before light and fresh breath could supplant the stench within.


Watching the gentle rains from a covered porch

As daffodils bow their heads in reverence, and crocus hold their place in line

As the first to peer out beneath budding tree limbs wearing water-drop bracelets,

There is a quickening of spirit as one prepares for action,

Like a race horse quivering and coiling in anticipation

Of lunging forth as a bell rings and gates abruptly open.

So the spirit within longs to be free of earthly cares

In this season of new beginnings

Wherein conscious restraint is required to keep from casting all sensibilities aside

in the flush and favor of embarking on journeys still only a dream ….

Unfinished business needing completion.


It’s a time when being asked to wait on unfulfilled promises

Can no longer be appeased by a simple request reminiscent of the past.

It’s a time requiring answered prayer

To oust unbelief’s invasions of cumbersome half-truths and lies.


The earth below and above tremble

as well-springs rise up from beneath feet where new visions take root.

Undeterred, unpersuaded to do anything less than soften hardened hearts,

the winter-weary are scooped up and carried away

from the disregard that once lured good intentions to ill ends

and hindered the restoration inherent in true retreats.

Death with its companion Discord are no longer permitted to camp in stale chambers,

As Shutters to Spring are flung open.

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