Hugs that Heal

Arms that encircle, assurances of sanctuary

When emotions have risen and fallen

And a torrent of tears from failing eyes

have emptied themselves on unyielding ground;

The embrace that restores

When reserves of hope

Fail to find a reservoir deep enough

to replenish what has been drained from a once living spring;

The comfort given by an old woman full of wisdom and compassion

Who has survived trials too numerous to tell,

approaching the end of her years with dignity;

The encouragement imparted by an empathetic friend

Whose reach wraps around shoulders carrying burdens needing to be released,

Imparting the prompting needed to “let it go” and “keep moving forward”.

The soft eyes of a horse whose head rests next to yours,

As you stand unmoving, together

In the silence of an unspoken union;

The head of a faithful dog resting across your lap,

Or its gentle nuzzle, reminding you to awaken from slumber;

The phone call from a son or daughter,

The word of encouragement from a parent,

The resonant touch of a trusted lover;

The joy of a child whose excitement infuses our tiredness

And reminds us of the delights of discovery

to refocus and renew amidst

Worn out, ineffectual methods and perspectives

All of them, Hugs that Heal.



Tessa, Karen, and Kundry

Tessa, Karen, and Kundry


Tilley, Karen, & Lucy in Florida

Sansa, Ben, and me

Sansa, Ben, and me

Sweet Potato Harvest

Goldia & Karen 1957

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