Just a Walk in the Park

A lone woman stands, embracing a tree, unmoving

On the banks of a pond

Her gaze fixed on a fountain at its center

Women walk “Designer dogs”—-the ones for which they “pay more”

Than the rescued, who gratefully escort their keepers

Along the pathway of greetings

A solitary man, rich in years, sits on a bench

Reaching deep into a bag of carefully torn bread

Casting them out to white Ibis

Encircling him like wings of unseen angels

A veteran with “Midway” in bold print across the back of his T-shirt

Strides deliberately forward, hunched over his uneven gate

Set apart from

Fitness-conscious walkers, runners, and cyclists

Stream-lining past in their specialized-gear

Just a Walk in the Park

A reminder of choices and challenges

We all share and celebrate

Because we can


Dedicated to my sister, LieseWeber-Hammontree, on her 54th birthday:

An inspirational movement-specialist, creatively gifted,

Propelled by a unique pioneering spirit.

Castle Rock at Sedona, AZ

Castle Rock at Sedona, AZ

Dancing Through the Seasons

Dancing Through the Seasons

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