Morning Thoughts

Sleepless nights
Embraced by waking dreams
Of adventures yet to find,
Of retreats still undisturbed;
Warned of agendas clamoring to captivate
The Gift of Life
As if it were something to be possessed,
Rather than a breathing, changing creation
In need of encouragement, care,
And sometimes, protection.

Wrapped loosely in the still, undefined darkness
Of a quietly approaching day,
Where the sound of crickets
And a softly illuminated corner
Confide that these are rare and tender moments
To be treasured and stored,
Safe from the thief, who breaks in and steals;
Not of the earth, where rust consumes with the
Coming of age.

Another sleepless day ahead…..
Resting, but briefly,
In the arms of the Comforter who says,
“Go Forth”.

Karen Weber @ 1998


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