Living on the Drip Edge: Nasal Strips & Horses

            The Triple Crown could be won by a nose this year…..or rather a Nose Strip!  If California Chrome proves his breathes are deeper and more powerful in propelling him to victory, breaking the dam of a Triple Crown drought, nasal-strips could become the next rage in the equine “must have” accessories world.  In an industry where the use of performance-enhancing drugs is among controversial topics and where legislative ballots smolder in the furnace of ethical issues, a simple nasal strip—-akin to tape used by athletes for shin splints and shoulder stabilization—may be the homeopathic-remedy of the century, breaking out of the gate ahead of other marketable competitors. A simple preventative measure for allaying concerns about excercize-induced bleeding into the lungs of race-horses, could become the next big break-through in the racing industry, if California Chrome proves his huff.

            I imagine Chrome-colored strips to catch the drip, like bumpers on valued antique autos. “Dumb Ass Partners” owners could find themselves signing deals to endorse DAP $ TCW memento-strips with Flair LLC , the researchers and developers of the $10.95 product.  In our designer-bent world, custom-made strips to match racing silk colors and logos could be offered out of the gate.  Of course, it could be prognosticated that the improved product would require a “value-added-price” to accommodate what would certainly be considered proprietary Band-Aids. 

            Sure as the sun spits fire, there would be speculation and debate on the ethics of scented-strips, so no horse would have the unfair advantage of a Eucalyptus or Ginger aroma, even if essential oils derived from substances in nature were the “secret ingredient”.  But let the new ballot topics arise, while believers breathe easy.

            Just say’in: I see a Nasal-Strip crossing the finish line, a nose ahead of the rest.



One stride for a horse, one giant stride for all Equine-kind.


P.S.  If anyone needs a marketing rep, I’ll send the rest of my resume….whether or not California Chrome is crowned with all the accolades and perks a Triple Crown contender deserves.




Karen Weber

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