Newborn Country


Newborn Country

A time and place we’re reminded of vigilance and continual care

Focus unbroken, complete dependence on another

Complete trust in another

Before fully understanding our caretakers or motives

Before we are even able to ask or understand what trust means

Vulnerable but not alone

Embraced by attentiveness

Rare in a busy, distracted world

The welfare of another our main concern.


What is it about new life that pulls from the depths of our resources,

Ambitious and competitive natures

The simple desire to protect, nurture, and provide for a needy form—-

Life with unseen potential, sure to make its own mark,

Vie for its independence, and win autonomy

Apart from the original caregivers?

What is it that inspires such sacrificial giving—-

The only kind that allows the recipient of our undivided devotion

A foundation for becoming a life others will regard as

“Significant” and worthy of life’s privileges?


Too many questions now

For the rarified air of tenderness and devotion

Found in Newborn Country

Where it’s enough to make contributions

Within borders where time, as we knew it,

And judgement

 Seem suspended

Content to

Embrace and stand in awe of a new creation

Intricately formed, Uniquely endowed

 Miraculously delivered into the care of witnesses

Gently reminded:

Interdependence and care of one another

Is our only true salvation.


Karen Weber


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