“Poppo” Remembered


(One of my all time favorite photos of my dad, “Poppo”, with my three oldest grandchildren when they were small.  They were out exploring one of the many beautiful parks in the state of Maryland, our home for over 35 years, undeterred by the rain.)

Today would have been my dad’s 77th birthday. Seven years ago, just shy of his 70th birthday, Dr. Carl Weber lost his battle with Mantel Cell Lymphoma, despite NIH treatment efforts from the worlds best researchers and physicians. I wish we’d had more time to learn about and appreciate the depth of his humanity and compassion developed later in life. He was an educator, but a genius in many things relating to knowledge of the sciences, music, history, and social movements….his thirst for knowledge never wavered, even given the prognosis of certain death. We—his children and grandchildren—miss his sharp wit, his spontaneous laughter, and the patient assistance he gave, trying to help us ace the academics that were his playground. We miss his reassuring chats and hugs when life was far from perfect….a reality he would acknowledge…that life isn’t always fair or just….and do what he could to help us move on. Whatever new horizon you’re exploring, Dad, we love you!

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