Fear of Numbers / Distrust in Stats

“You are ONE IN A MILLION!”   

Got ya! Who wouldn’t want to hear that one! We all crave an identity uniquely our own, and being #1 at the top of someone’s chart somehow validates our existence. 

            For those of you whose livelihoods depend on managing numbers or teaching others how to manage them, please know I don’t want to contribute to the unemployment rate.  I confess to working through my own avoidance of recording numbers and projecting costs of enterprises, being influenced by another side of the brain.  The Yin and the Yang may need rebalancing, but in the mean-time, I have to confront this phobia of numbers and the professed “factual” nature of statistics.

            Maybe my aversion to book-keeping comes from a life-long desire to live, rather than count the cost of that living.  Maybe I’m tired of recording numbers that exclude the immeasurable value of having a hope, an idea, or a dream.  Maybe my distrust of statistics has been honestly acquired observing a father who was scientific, a whiz at mathematical calculations, and who understood the universal formulas of physics without difficulty. What he did not do well was believe in anything he couldn’t see or measure…..until later in life. Ironically, maybe it’s this same influence that taught me:  Anyone (paid enough) can come up with statistics to remove doubt from the public psyche and thereby justify any position. (Thus was born a major distrust of corporations and government agencies out to prove their positions as infallible or factual.)

I confess, if it weren’t for the felt need to file income tax returns every year, I’d forget about wasting paper and time to record anything having to do with finances.  However, more recently I see the value of being aware of costs, projecting the costs of needs, not knowing how they will be met, but then having a testimony that all of those needs and more where met, whether through honest work, an epiphany freeing us from what we once considered “needs”, or a loving heavenly Father’s timely provision.

Can you tell I’m big on believing in a vision, but not so keen on trying to know ahead of time how it will come to pass?  I simply choose to BELIEVE in things unseen, but somehow known.  I choose to walk by faith, even as I choose to thank my heavenly Father for every good and perfect gift, and for His ability to provide for every need (Philippians 4:19)  And I choose to thank God, family and friends for what none of us can do alone….to be more than overcomers, or die trying.


In the present climate of world-wide upheaval and economic crisis, the confidence to dream and dream BIG seems more fool-hardy than sensible.  Fear of numbers paralyzes many who depend on them to display some sort of assurance that all is well.  Too much trust in statistics could very well discourage those with workable ideas.  But this fear of numbers and distrust in statistics will not stop the brilliant, the bold, and pioneering spirits whose contributions can’t be measured in numbers or held captive by statistics….because what is Divine in nature cannot be captured by what is mortal and labeled for distribution and profit.

For all my family and friends who dare to dream, know I dream with you.  For all who choose to let fear and paranoia weaken them, I pray for a boldness to step up and meet life, unafraid of numbers or statistics.  Don’t let them become excuses for failing to attempt living.


June 23, 2013

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