Four Dogs, a Horse, and a Hobby Farm


            Summer solstice, the longest day in the year, is now past; and a Perigee-moon, when Earth’s moon is full and at its closest point to our planet this year, is already drawing major press as the peak spectacle times approach.  Astronomy and astrology have been peripheral interests of mine, but today, whether it is due to these two closely coinciding events or not, I am “humming” at a higher frequency.  Gratitude fills my heart for new energy to meet answered prayers that seem to have been building up behind an invisible wall, until today. Suddenly, something good has broken free and began to flow in and around my life. And I want to share it….so I begin this blog site, as a thinker and writer with much to say…or so I’ve always thought so!

            Living on a small “Hobby Farm”, as some would label it —-meaning “not anything too serious or elemental to life in the REAL world”——- hasn’t always been the blissful existence imagined, once upon a time when life in the big city was suddenly lack-luster and mind-numbing. In the five years since moving back to basics on our small 12.5 acres, there are times I’ve wondered why we ever thought moving to a small, rural farm community was a good idea.  Perhaps with a bit of resignation, I came to the conclusion that to survive the stay, I’d need to change my perspective, somehow.  I’ve learned: if you choose to look in the right direction, focus your gaze and mind on the beautiful things like the solitary White Oak tree at the back of the pasture, night skies with their high contrast constellation shows, or the antics of friendly animals with whom we’ve chosen to share our space, life seems to be a little less jaded by the world news that keeps us “connected to our world”.

            Understand, I am a mother of four young adult children, all of whom continue to enrich my life, even if from a distance.  I love them each for their uniqueness. I respect them all for their brave attempts to make their way in an economy too often unfriendly to “upstarts”.  What I came to miss most in moving away from the numbing buzz of a major metropolitan area, was the impromptu times they’d suddenly burst into, then out of our house where they touched-down before re-launching into their latest and greatest plan for a brilliant future. 

            Now I am a surrogate mother to four rescued dogs, and a gentle mare, who now carries a foal.  Somehow the empty nest theory comes to life on this “not really important to the seriousness of meeting life” Hobby Farm we now inhabit.  But recently, after 5 years of trying to become something and making less than a dent in the redemption of the world plan, I’ve given up.   I can honestly say I am relieved to have failed, but now find my greatest joy in caring for our “not really important to meeting the seriousness of life” acreage and animal menagerie.

            Maybe someday, my four young adult children will find it in their hearts to forgive their mother for running away to something that seemed better…..but more recently, I hope they will make time to visit our “not really important to the seriousness of meeting life” farm, and find something that’s been missing from their own lives of real and hard-earned progress. Because what has taken me years to find, may, after-all, be something worth taking a break to discover for themselves.

1 thought on “Four Dogs, a Horse, and a Hobby Farm

  1. lori

    Sometimes it takes us years to learn that all we needed in life to be happy was with us all along. We are the ones that were out of tune, and God has a way of getting out the tuning fork to tweak a few keys that were off key, in order to get us back to singing the right tune.


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